When to Get Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Sometimes it can get a little too crowded in your jaw. The wisdom tooth, the last of the teeth eruptions in our lifecycle, can turn painful if the growth pattern is disrupted or compromised in any way. Many of us complain of the nagging wisdom tooth pain and need the expert intervention of a professional dentist to relieve us of the condition.

Wisdom tooth extraction is performed by a professional dentist under a controlled environment, dental clinic or hospital. Most patients need extraction once the wisdom tooth begins to hurt. However, it is important to get the tooth extracted the moment you realize that you do not have enough space for it in your jaw.

It is important to note that there are certain reasons and occasions when it is absolutely necessary to get your wisdom tooth extracted. Failing to do so may result in complications such as toothache, poor alignment, chewing difficulty, tooth abscess, damage to neighboring teeth and other related dental problems.

Small mouth/ jaw

If you have a small jaw and the wisdom tooth have been impacted, it is best to get them removed at the earliest opportunity.

Wisdom tooth may have been impacted

Even if your jaw is large enough, your wisdom tooth may still have become impacted and it is difficult for it to break through the gums easily and without pain.

Tissue Growth

If you find a flap of tissue growing on the wisdom tooth, it can result in trapping of food under it. It acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. The gum can get swollen, cause extreme pain and can even lead to bleeding. It is advised to get the wisdom tooth extracted by a professional dentist.

Awkward angle

If your wisdom tooth erupts at an awkward angle and misaligns with the gums, it needs to be removed to avoid any injury, further damage, infection, or difficulty while eating.

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